Forgotten Clubs – Kilkenny City AFC

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

When you hear the name Kilkenny, you automatically think of hurling. It’s like hearing the word wet and thinking water. But what about the other sports that play second fiddle down in the Marble County? A county that once played host to a League of Ireland club for years, unfortunately does not anymore. With a mixed history of highs and lows, here is the story of Kilkenny City AFC. Continue reading “Forgotten Clubs – Kilkenny City AFC”

Forgotten Clubs – Cork Celtic

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

They say there is two sides to every story, well in the case of Cork football there are eleven, and I’m about to tell the story of the second one. I got the side of Cork Hibernians FC in my previous article and it painted a picture of just how big the derby game between them and Cork Celtic FC was back in the 60’s and 70’s. Now it’s time to get the point of view from Cork Celtic FC and see if it really was a big deal to them as it was to Cork Hibernians supporters. Continue reading “Forgotten Clubs – Cork Celtic”

Dundalk make a statement with big win over Waterford

Dundalk had a 4-0 win over Waterford at Oriel Park last night to send a statement to the rest of their Premier Division rivals, that they won’t relinquish their title easily. Continue reading “Dundalk make a statement with big win over Waterford”

Interview with DLR Waves manager Graham Kelly

By Gerard Mulreaney (@gerardmulreaney)

The DLR Waves will kick-off the new SÓ Hotel Group sponsored Women’s National League this weekend with an away game against last seasons Treble winners Wexford Youths Under a new manager, after former Bray Wanderers Head Coach Graham Kelly took the reigns in the off-season. Continue reading “Interview with DLR Waves manager Graham Kelly”

Taking the Mick

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

Do the FAI see our own national league as a joke, or do they even see it at all? It really doesn’t seem like it at times. The lack of advertisement from the FAI at the start of the new season, the lack of investment and funds given to the clubs and the lack of or no recognition of the league at all would suggest their minds are elsewhere when it comes to football on this Island. Their minds being on the bank accounts of each person that is on the board of the FAI or has anything to do with the Aviva Stadium. Continue reading “Taking the Mick”

Interview: Cork City Women’s first-team coach Pedro Rodrigues

By Gerard Mulreaney (@gerardmulreaney)

When the global recession hit in late 2008/early 2009 many people lost their jobs, while others emigrated or went back home. For one young Portuguese coach, it led to him coming to Ireland to see if he could find work. Continue reading “Interview: Cork City Women’s first-team coach Pedro Rodrigues”

Katrina Parrock: Pre-season

By Katrina Parrock (@KatrinaParrock)

The new season is quickly approaching; and my body is certainly feeling the effects of our pre-season schedule. I’m sure most soccer players will know where I’m coming from when the mere word ‘running’ is mentioned – the feeling of utter dread!   Continue reading “Katrina Parrock: Pre-season”

All-Ireland League? Yes or No?

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

I’ve seen and read a lot of articles recently about how we could promote the League of Ireland and how we can attract more people to games and take them away from their arm chairs from watching football on their TV screens. Continue reading “All-Ireland League? Yes or No?”