It’s all positive at Athlone despite media reports

Athlone Town stadium in Lissywollen

Despite reports to the contrary by many sports media outlets, of player unrest and coaching rivalries, it couldn’t be further from the truth at Athlone Town.

Sources inside the club have told us that reports of up to four Irish players walking out of the club last weekend are false.

There was also a report in one of the local Athlone papers yesterday saying that the dressing- room is split and that players are rowing with managers/coaches and are leaving, along with some coaches. All have been rubbished by our sources at the club.

Whilst many of the club’s supporters bemoan the lack of clarity, rightly or wrongly, on the direction for the club, the players and coaches are going about the business of trying to put Athlone Town back where it belongs, in the upper etchelons of Irish football.

According to coaches at the club, Athlone Town FC is a club trying to move forward, They say, “We do not get everything right. But one thing is for sure, all  the staff and players at all ages within our club, work tirelessly and will continue to do so to try improve and develop our club.”

“The staff and players are continuosly being knocked with untrue reports being published almost every day now.”

“Its a real pity these same people don’t roll up theur sleeves and come on board to help out the club from the inside, instead of living off negative publicity.”

The club’s under 17’s have got off to a bright start by beating Sligo Rovers 2-0 at the weekend. And with the under 15 League set to kick-off in September the future’s bright for young footballers in the midlands.

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