Akinade back training and focusing on a return to action

Bohemians striker Ismahil Akinade

Bohemians striker Ismahil Akinade has returned to training this week, after an operation to remove his spleen following a routine check-up last year found he had a very low blood platelet count. 

A low platelet count is a blood disorder that has a long list of possible causes.

Also known as thrombocytopenia, it is not always a serious problem. The bleeding it causes can be serious in some cases however, and that was a huge concern for Akinade. Any sort of bad cut could have been disastrous.

Akinade 23, spoke to us about it, “The whole issue about the platelets came about last year, in early august. I just went for a check up with the doc because I wasn’t feeling too well, so she took blood and results came back that my platelets were very low, between 20,000-30,000 and wasn’t rising. Normal platelets should be around 60,000 and upwards. After lots of tests they realised my spleen has been enlarged and taking up all my platelets.”

“The spleen being enlarged was another issue they found that was dangerous, because if I got a kick there or a smack it would have ruptured and probably would have been the end of me. Luckily for me it was detected and it’s all sorted now.”

He spoke about his surgery saying, “Surgery went very well, just as planned with no complications thank god. The first week after surgery was probably the most painful experience of my life.”

“Platelet counts are grand now and all back to normal. I’ve had a few tests done after surgery and everything seems okay.”


“A few weeks after surgery I got used to the pain so I could handle the physical issue. However mentally is where I’ve struggled because I’ve never been out of the game for so long in my life and didn’t know how to cope.”

It was a dark time for the young striker, “I felt like I’d never get back to playing. Days were going so slow I felt like I wasn’t healing. It was just a major head wreck until I was given the green light from the doc to go and do some light gym work. Then I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I only got the go-ahead two weeks ago but I know my body and I feel I’m way ahead of schedule. I could be back sooner than people and the doctors think. I’m not putting any time fame on it yet as I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’ll be back sooner than expected, please god.”

He hasn’t featured for Keith Long’s side this season, as he was withdrawn from the squad against Derry City on opening night due to medical advice.

Fuad Sule

With young players such as Fuad Sule breaking into the team while he out, we asked him if he felt under pressure to get his place back. He said, “I feel no pressure at all, as I’m always buzzing to see the team do well without me. Fuad and I are family so I’m not surprised at all that he’s taken the league by storm. He just needed that chance to prove himself and Keith Long gave him that chance.”

Akinade is delighted for the young lads who’ve made the step up to the first-team of late saying, “It’s great to see the young lads from the U-19’s stepping up because they are good players. Managers just need to give them chances, without that how are they meant to develop. Like every player, you have to fight for your place on the team which I’m gonna have to do when I get back to full fitness and I look forward to it.”

On his time at the club, Akinade couldn’t be happier, “I’m loving every minute at Bohs. It really is the peoples club. The club, staff, players and fans are all great, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Just have to get my fitness back up and heal for a few more weeks and then I’ll be back in the red & black, Inshallah (meaning if god’s willing).”

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