Poetry tribute to Seanie Maguire

Seanie Maguire Cork City
Seanie Maguire
Following the announcement that Cork City striker Sean Maguire will be leaving the club to join English Championship side Preston North End, one Cork City supporter has taken the unusual step of penning a poem in his honour.

Tony Tobin wrote the following poem, and posted it on his Twitter account @tonymtobin1 ;

Seanie Maguire

The secret is out, now we all know,

Seanie is leaving, its time to go,

But not before he’s won us the cup,

He’s earned this move, it’s time to move up,

He can play up top, or in the hole,

But one thing’s for sure, he can score a goal,

The perfect clubman, he has good traits,

Whether signing autographs, or assisting his mates,

He doesn’t seek the limelight, he doesn’t like to pose,

He’s well grounded, thanks to Claudia Rose,


He signed for Dundalk, but couldn’t get a game,

We’ll take ya to Cork boy, we’ll end your shame,

From the very first game, we knew we had a gooden,

He made experienced defenders, look leggy and wooden,

We’ve had plenty of legends, who have played with our team,

But Seanie’s the best we’ve ever seen,

He’s quick, he’s strong, he can head, he can shoot,

He has it all and that’s the truth,


He’s heading to England, to Preston North End,

But to thousands of Corkmen, he’s ours he’s our friend,

Barca has Messi, Bayern has Neuer,

But the kids in Cork City, love Seanie Maguire,

Other teams come to beat us, oh how they tried,

To sum up in one word, they all left terrified,


Your time here was brief, but one thing’s for sure,

You gave it your all boy, you were City to the core,

I don’t think this move will end your run,

For soon enough, you’ll be Preston’s top gun,

I’ve no doubt in my mind, the Premier League will enquire,

About the goal machine, young Seanie Maguire,

Like Billy the Kid, he’s a gun for hire,

With a guarantee he’ll take your team higher,


We have you here, till the end of July,

When a full Turners Cross, can say goodbye,

For one last time, we can watch this guy,

Score a few goals, and terrify,

Will we ever see his like again,

His like are rare, like teeth in a hen,

I’ve no doubt you’ll be a star, across the sea,

But you became a star, at Cork City FC.


Tony Tobin


Photo Credit: Doug Minihane

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