Bray Wanderers release a tough statement in the middle of defeat to Dundalk 

Carlisle Grounds Bray Wanderers
Carlisle Grounds

Dundalk beat Bray Wanderers 3-0 on Friday night to go 10 points clear of their rivals for second place in the table, however most of the talk after the match was about the statement Bray released at half-time.

The statement, released by Bray Wanderers chairman Denis O’Connor, spoke about Dylan Connolly’s departure from the club plus attendances and finances.

It went on to outline attendance figures for the season, and for a club third in the league and pushing for a European spot, it makes very grim reading.

At the end of O’Connor’s statement he says, ‘But what is the point if we cannot get the minimum financial and supporter base which a great club like this deserves.’

The question now becomes, what happens next?

Check out the full Bray Wanderers statement;

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