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First of all I’d like to apologise to all the holiday-makers who came into Keely’s Bar in Lanzarote to watch the recent League of Ireland matches which we are usually in a position to stream. Unfortunately due to an “upgrading” of  the site these matches were not available.

The FAI sold the rights to League of Ireland matches last year to this site. I believe each club received the paltry sum of €15,000 from this sale. I stand to be corrected on this….. What I would like to know is what is going on? Why are we now 3 games into the season and not in a position to watch a streamed League of Ireland game?

To compound this problem we now have Soccer Republic reduced to just 25 minutes, showing only the goals and with no discussion on any of the games. Again, the First Division is totally ignored. The FAI continue to dumb down our League. The launch was kept as a secret and now it appears that it wants to keep the matches a secret too.

It is time for the FAI to do the honest thing and let people who want to run a vibrant league run it. This death by a 1000 cuts cannot be allowed to continue.

The season so far has not gone plan, with the big 2 – Dundalk and Cork struggling a little bit. The surprise packet; Bohs, with 9 points out of 9 are the early pace-setters. I believe it will settle down in the next few weeks and I hope Dundalk’s efforts will not be hampered by Management by Committee.

Speaking about different Management structures, what about the manic performance of Chelsea’s Management staff and the Chelsea goalkeeper.  Nobody seemed to know what they were doing….. I have never in all my life witnessed a player refusing to come off.

I watched it and smiled at how different the game is now. God be with the days when players had respect for, and fear of the manager! I’m afraid had it been me, the keeper would be in hospital and I would have been arrested for putting him there!

My reaction ….

KEPA    I’m going

To F…ing


To end on a positive note, League attendance went from 43,256 for first 3 games in 2018 to 50,576 in 2019. This is due solely to the Leagues clubs marketing themselves. Imagine how good it would be if the people running the League did the same thing!

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