Who are the April Fools?

By Dermot Keely (@keelysbar)

It’s now a couple of weeks into the John Delaney/FAI saga. We have seen a man resign from the post of CEO and be appointed to the position of Executive Vice President, a new post in an organisation permanently strapped for cash. An organisation that borrowed €100,000 from its own CEO but did not recognise this loan in their accounts. Sports Ireland now has reservations about said loan.

We have also witnessed a full on PR operation from the “Grass Roots” of Irish Football, in support of the Ex-CEO. His Trojan work in giving out Government money as if it was his own, his ability to press the flesh and consume numerous chicken dinners is being repaid. 

John Delaney refers constantly to the “football family” but obviously some of this family are regarded higher than others. While the “Grass Roots” are courted by the Ex-CEO, the League of Ireland has been starved of attention. John Delaney worked out very early that the “Grass Roots” have enough power to keep him in control. The League of Ireland however has been left to survive or die with little interest shown by the great man.

To continue with the analogy of the FAI Family, we are now in the position of the father moving to a smaller house down the road but he is also going to run the big house he has left. He moved from a 3 figure salary to a smaller 3 figure salary, which will enable him to get a further 3 figure salary from UEFA.  Which one of us is the April fool????

Need a new sign at FAI headquarters

The post of Executive Vice President should be withdrawn and no other post offered to him. His time as father of the family has come to an end. Let’s get someone in who loves all the family equally.

We are still waiting for the Competitions Director, who announced the “Champions of Ireland” competition in February, and who stated he would have a sponsor in March to give details of same, or maybe he meant March 2020 or 2021or 2022…..  It must have been an early April Fools announcement in February as he announced it BEFORE it was agreed with his Northern counterparts.

On a better note, the League of Ireland continues to please, with good crowds and it looks like 2 competitive divisions. I thought Dundalk played really well in beating Cork City and Shamrock Rovers continue to win and look very solid. It’s a huge game for Cork this week against Rovers. Even this early in the season I think this is a must win game for Cork, while Dundalk will be hoping that Rovers slip up. In the First Division things look extremely tight, with no team really showing they want to be the boss.

It was great to show the Dundalk /Cork game last Friday and I’m looking forward to Cork and Rovers this week. With good following of League of Ireland people into to see the games, it’s very disappointing that we have been unable to stream games this season.

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