Adam Wixted on the road to recovery after difficult time with injury

By Adam Wixted (@AdamWixted)

On the 8th of March (ironically on my birthday) while playing away to Limerick in the Markets Field I dislocated my shoulder at the beginning of the second half. From what I can remember it was just a slight nudge I got in my back while I was dribbling with the ball and I was off balance. I tried to soften my landing by putting my hands out and that’s when it popped out of place… it was out of place maybe for about 20 minutes or more…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it back into place because my muscles were so tense and I was in the height of pain! Eventually, after my physio got it back in place the pain eased off. I was later taken to the Accident and Emergency department of Limerick hospital to get an X-ray etc to check that no bones were broken. I didn’t got back home to Dublin until around 3:30/4am!

A couple of weeks later I got an MRI scan, and was told that I needed surgery to repair the ligaments in my shoulder, otherwise it was going to happen again. It was very tough news to take at first but I had half expected that I would require surgery

I coped well mentally at this stage, I just accepted what needed to be done and got on with it… it’s part and parcel of playing football. You’d be very lucky to go through your whole career without getting any injuries or set-backs!

Eventually I was ready to go in for surgery on the 24th of April, so that was nearly 7 weeks since I dislocated my shoulder. A long wait as you could imagine!

I was slightly nervous, but also excited that I was finally about to get it done, so I could start my recovery process and set targets/goals etc to getting back fit.

As I was ready to go into theatre the nurse came into me and explained they could not operate on me today as I was too run down from a cold I had during the week leading up to it. It had to be rescheduled for three weeks later.

I’ll be honest, I broke down crying when I got told that news. I was afraid I was going to miss the rest of the season. I had built myself up for getting the surgery done and being able to move forward, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be the case. It was worse hearing that, than when I was originally told I needed surgery.

At this stage.. this is where I really started to struggle mentally! I Didn’t cope with it well at all. I had no motivation to do anything. So I just went back to my normal routine… still going up to training on the spin bike and gym with our physio/watching training sessions, still trying to feel involved in the team, but it’s tough when you can’t join in and train.

Finally, on the 20th of May I got my surgery done… nearly 10 weeks out injured now since when I first dislocated it.

Drogheda United tweeted the following after his surgery;

It feels like a massive weight has been lifted off me now, and I can put those 10 weeks behind me and actually start my rehab and progress each week. I’m looking at another 10-12 weeks on the sidelines post op. It’s still mentally tough, because I can’t do much at the moment because I’m in a sling. It’s physically tough also. I have to be very cautious of what I’m eating because I’m not training or burning anything off. I can see improvement day by day and it’s a really good feeling.

Drogheda United have been great with the whole situation and are very supportive to me. Also the team is doing really well in the league at the moment, it’s giving me even more motivation to get back playing for the last round of fixtures and help out.

Photo Credit: Larry McQuillan (Drogheda United FC)

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