Dermot Keely Column: Something in the Air

By Dermot Keely (@keelysbar)

It was interesting to read the ramblings of my former nemesis Pat Dolan in the Star last week. Just a week after Stephen Bradley’s comments about the current team v the Michael O’Neill team, but as usual Pat brought it to a new level. I’m happy for him that he seems to have found religion as he has gotten older and particularly St Anthony, who I believe you pray to if you have lost something.

Well from the article it is obvious what Pat has lost – THE PLOT. I think Owen Cowzer or Neil O’Riordan of the Sun would have accused me of being on the drink if I said I was talking to St. Anthony…. With all this talk of climate change and such like I wonder is there a link between Pat’s ramblings and Stephens?

Maybe there is psychic phenomenon at play out in Tallaght. Perhaps we should ask one of our climatologists to visit the area and give us an opinion. Maybe it’s just something in the Tallaght air or god forbid – are we going to find out that this mystic cloud could be on the move. Be careful Vinny Perth!

The weekend fixtures did not go as planned. Shamrock Rovers, despite battering Sligo Rovers, could only manage a draw. They really need Graham Cummins to come good for them. If they get a striker who scores consistently for the rest of the season they have a real chance. Whether Cummins is that player – we will find out!

Dundalk also dropped 2 points away to Derry. This was made more palatable when taken in conjunction with the Shamrock Rovers result. Declan (Decky) Devine has done a good job with Derry and I’m sure will be hoping to secure 3rd spot. Bohs with Keith Long will have something to say about that however.

I was absolutely delighted for Collie O’Neill and UCD to finally get a win. He is doing trojan work with UCD, and how he manages to keep it going is beyond me. He has lost so many good players that he is lucky to be able to put a team out. But, besides being an excellent coach and really genuine, he is also a stubborn little git. A fact obviously inherited from his dad Paddy.

Longford’s defeat in the First Division was a real boost to both Shelbourne and Drogheda. I hope Shels can go on and win it, and get out of the desert that is the 1st Division.

Finally, this is European week, and it’s really important that the Irish teams do well for the next two weeks. Let’s support the League, wear your club colours, but go and support the League of Ireland. We are a small niche league but the performance of all the teams in Europe is really important. People who do not go to matches frequently are always interested in European results. So wherever your allegiance lies go and support the League, go and support, St. Pat’s, Shamrock Rovers, Cork and Dundalk. If you are on holidays in Lanzarote come to Keely’s Bar, we will show all the games, have a bit of craic and some real football talk.



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