Cork City star Lauren Egbuloniu talks about her injury setback

By Lauren Egbuloniu

Just four days after her 17th birthday Cork City and Ireland Under 17 International striker Lauren Egbuloniu got injured in a SÓ Hotels Women’s National League game against Limerick. Lauren takes up the story;

“We were away to Limerick on the 21st of April and the match was very intense right from the start. It was in or around the 30th minute into the game when I hurt my knee. Their defender was clearing her lines and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I landed on my left leg and the ball was hit right into my lower thigh and my knee buckled in. It went straight back into its normal position but the pain was something else.

“I went into the ambulance where they reassured me that it wasn’t dislocated. We went down to the accident and emergency department of Cork hospital, since it was only an hours drive away. I was given ice to relieve the pain. From there the nurse checked to see if I had any ligament or bone damage and she said everything was fine and that I should be back playing within 7-10 days. This was a relief because in the back of my mind I thought I had torn my acl.”

“Later that week I went to the Cork City physio and he told me that I wouldn’t be back in the time frame the nurse had told me. This was hard to hear as I just wanted to be back on the field. We couldn’t tell what was wrong with my knee, so we booked to get an mri scan done.”

“I was in school when my Mam rang to tell me the mri results. She told me my acl was partially torn and I had significant bruising to my knee bones. This news took me by surprise, as numerous physios said it wasn’t my acl, and I broke down crying.”

“We had to visit a surgeon a week later to determine if I needed surgery to fix it and he told me that if I wanted to go back to the high level sporting activities then I would need to get surgery. I was baffled at this point, from being told that I was only going to be out for 7-10 days, to now needing surgery with 9 months recovery. The surgery was organized for the 13th of June nearly 2 weeks after I was given the news.”

“When the date of the surgery came I was really nervous. This was my first time getting surgery and even staying over night in hospital. But the nurse and my family were really helpful and calmed any nerves.”

“The surgery was a success, and now the rehab starts. I went straight into walking and doing exercises the next day and this felt good. After waiting so long for the surgery I just want to do whatever it takes to get back on the field.”

“I am now nearly 4 weeks post-op, and as I write this this, my knee is improving every day. I still have a long way to go but I know with the help of the physios, my team-mates, friends and family the time will fly and I’ll be back on the pitch in no time.”

“I would like to thank Cork City for their continuous support, making me feel like I’m still a part of the team and helping me feel better overall.”

Photo Credit: FAI

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