Well done Shelbourne and Dundalk

By Dermot Keely (@keelysbar)

Missed the last couple of weeks of the Blog. Sometimes I just get fed up with the way the league is “Run”, the people who “Run” it or maybe I should say RUIN our League.

I seem to be banging on about this for a lifetime and nothing seems to change. It gets to me and I have to take a step back. I have to take myself out of the bubble that is the LOI for me.  

I am not going to let the John Delaney payoff get to me. I am going to try to be really positive about THE BEST LITTLE LEAGUE IN THE WORLD.

Congratulations first of all to Shelburne on their return to the Premier Division. I really do believe that they are returning to their rightful place in the big time. Obviously the injection of cash from investors was vitally important to them. But Ill have to say that without the work of Joe Casey and his band of dedicated workers there would have been no club around to inject cash into.

These people were around in 2007 when the club was on its knees and within days of going out of football. Without their efforts the Club would have died. I think it is important to remember that the past creates the future. I hope they can raise the necessary Capital that the club will need to compete in the Premier Division. It is going to be a steep learning curve for all involved.

What about my beloved Dundalk? What a season! What a job Vinny Perth and his staff have done. I was worried at the start that there were too many Chiefs and that might hamper the decisions being made. I am glad to admit that I was totally wrong on this. This team and the Management are on the way to a record-breaking year no matter what happens.

A League Cup already won, a League Championship won with 4 matches to spare and a place in the FAI Cup Final. What a Season!

The task of following Stephen Kenny was daunting. Most new managers would have tried to “put their stamp” on the squad. It takes a huge amount of belief and confidence in your own ability to leave well enough alone. He knew he had a really good squad and he managed them magnificently. Unlike most managers it was not about him, it was about the team. He put his faith in them and they have repaid his confidence in them.

We have seen what has happened in clubs where a really good manager has left. It has taken years and many managers to get back to where they were. Dundalk are lucky that they had an assistant big enough, and brave enough to carry on the mantle of Stephen Kenny and still do it his way. Well done to the Players, Staff and to you Vinny Perth.

All eyes are now on FAI Cup Final Day. I have been impressed with Rovers every time I have seen them this year. I thought they played better in Europe than most the other teams. Because of their history in the cup, playing Rovers in the final will add spice to an already great occasion. They will be disappointed that they could not push Dundalk further in the league. They will see this as their chance to prove that they can complete with the best Dundalk team in history.  For Stephen Bradley it is important that the club win some silverwear. It will give them the belief that they can go and compete to win the league next year. It is going to be a fantastic occasion, with two huge clubs involved, clubs that have a huge fan base. The top two teams playing, lets pack the Aviva .What a TV showcase for our league that would be!

I have purposely stayed away from commenting on gardens, Gardening Leave, Pension Funds, Grotesque Salaries, Rent Allowance and Pay Offs.  I will be back on that horse next week!


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