League starting again

Once again we are back to the age old problem of the League of Ireland. Each club looks out only for itself. There is no interest in the group or what is best for the LOI. This selfishness is how John Delaney prospered. He was able to play on this individuality.

We are the last League back playing. This in itself is a disgrace. The League is run by the FAI and the “new body” has scored very few points in this debacle.

I have said for years that our League is not big enough for two divisions. I believe their should be one big division 14/16 teams, but this argument is for another day. The first division is the graveyard of League of Ireland football – very little support and incredibly hard to get out of. It does serve the function of finding good young players and giving them a chance to play men’s football, but this is the job of the Premier clubs. They should be recruiting and playing their own players. But this, I believe is the job of the “New FAI” in the future.

Right now I think it is right and fair that we should have ONE UP, ONE DOWN, and a play off between the 2nd from bottom in the Premier Division and a team in the 1st Division. That second team can be selected purely on the league form, ie 2nd in League or some other form of selection, eg 2nd/3rd play off and the winner plays the 2nd last team in the Premier Division. This is fair and equitable to all clubs. If the FAI is there to manage – then do your job and Manage!

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