Will there be change? – The Dermot Keely Column

Can someone explain to me why the League of Ireland clubs have to play so many fixtures in April?  It appears nonsensical that the clubs have to risk life and limb to fulfil a glut of fixtures. Continue reading “Will there be change? – The Dermot Keely Column”

Shelbourne release their own statement regarding Dalymount Park

Following yesterday’s statement by Bohemians football club on their issues with Tesco’s right of way, Shelbourne have tonight issued their own statement where they echo the views of their Dublin neighbours. Continue reading “Shelbourne release their own statement regarding Dalymount Park”

Bohs release statement on reported issues with proposed development of Dalymount Park

Bohemians have today issued a statement regarding their redevelopment of Dalymount Park. In that statement the club have confirmed that there is a right of way dispute between the owners of the Phibborough Shopping Centre and UK giant Tesco’s. Continue reading “Bohs release statement on reported issues with proposed development of Dalymount Park”

Football is your friend

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

We often see the footballing world as this fantasy world, one that most of us can escape to when our own everyday lives are getting on top of us. It gives our minds a release from the pressures of our own struggles. Yes, it can cause heartbreak, yes it can cause tears to flow, but it never lets you down in a way that it can’t be forgiven. Those magical moments it creates cancel out any bad feelings you had from the previous match. As I have recently learned from my previous interviews in my pieces on ‘Forgotten Clubs’, you don’t need to be winning or to be successful to enjoy football. And that to me is the greatest part of it. Continue reading “Football is your friend”

Who are the April Fools?

By Dermot Keely (@keelysbar)

It’s now a couple of weeks into the John Delaney/FAI saga. We have seen a man resign from the post of CEO and be appointed to the position of Executive Vice President, a new post in an organisation permanently strapped for cash. An organisation that borrowed €100,000 from its own CEO but did not recognise this loan in their accounts. Sports Ireland now has reservations about said loan. Continue reading “Who are the April Fools?”

Joe Haverty: Irish Footballing Legend

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

In life you meet some incredible people. Some effect you in ways you don’t realise until you are little bit older to understand. You process what they have said years later, and when you do, you realise that they have taught you a life lesson that has helped you in your life and still do. One of those people in my life was an Irish footballing legend, but one that maybe some have never heard about. This was probably because the man himself wasn’t a flash and frills type person and just enjoyed talking about football. I will start off by talking about the facts, but please stay with me as I will tell you about the person. This is the story of man who played for Ireland, Arsenal and several League of Ireland clubs. That man was Joe Haverty. Continue reading “Joe Haverty: Irish Footballing Legend”

Dermot Keely Column – The Gravy Train Rolls On….

Sorry about missing the Blog for the last 2 weeks. Cheltenham week and St Patricks Day are huge on the Island of Lanzarote. We were flat out in the bar and when the work is there you have to take it. Serving as many pints as possible and not drinking them!! Unlike some we have to pay rent for the bar and our apartment etc, we do not have someone to pay OUR rent unlike our esteemed CEO (sorry EX CEO) John Delaney. Continue reading “Dermot Keely Column – The Gravy Train Rolls On….”

Forgotten Clubs – Monaghan United

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

Monaghan United, known as ‘The magic Mon’s’, the feature club on the infamous ‘Rod Squad 2’ and the home of the famous Mon-Dog. That’s a lot to take in for relevantly small club. One that, like Kilkenny City AFC, didn’t enjoy much success on the pitch in it’s short time in the League of Ireland. But that didn’t stop it from making history in its own right, nor did it stop the club from creating fantastic memories for some of it’s fans. Here is the story of Monaghan United. Continue reading “Forgotten Clubs – Monaghan United”

Finn Harps set to battle for points against the league leaders

Finn Harps will hope to take advantage of International call-ups to surprise Premier Division leaders Shamrock Rovers in the only game in the top division on Friday night. Continue reading “Finn Harps set to battle for points against the league leaders”