Forgotten Clubs – Cork Celtic

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

They say there is two sides to every story, well in the case of Cork football there are eleven, and I’m about to tell the story of the second one. I got the side of Cork Hibernians FC in my previous article and it painted a picture of just how big the derby game between them and Cork Celtic FC was back in the 60’s and 70’s. Now it’s time to get the point of view from Cork Celtic FC and see if it really was a big deal to them as it was to Cork Hibernians supporters. Continue reading “Forgotten Clubs – Cork Celtic”

All-Ireland League? Yes or No?

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

I’ve seen and read a lot of articles recently about how we could promote the League of Ireland and how we can attract more people to games and take them away from their arm chairs from watching football on their TV screens. Continue reading “All-Ireland League? Yes or No?”

Forgotten Clubs – Cork Hibernians

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

Nothing lasts forever, and sometimes that includes a football club. Unfortunately, over the many years that football has been played on this island, 39 clubs have fallen to this fate (some have been connected in some way or another). The cruel realties of financial restraint, lack of facilities or even in some cases lack of support have resulted in our league only having twenty football clubs currently playing in the Premier and First Division respectfully. Continue reading “Forgotten Clubs – Cork Hibernians”

The Dermot Keely Column

First of all I’d like to apologise to all the holiday-makers who came into Keely’s Bar in Lanzarote to watch the recent League of Ireland matches which we are usually in a position to stream. Unfortunately due to an “upgrading” of  the site these matches were not available. Continue reading “The Dermot Keely Column”

Bray unveil ‘Access Is For All’ initiative ahead of home opener

This Friday night Bray Wanderers will play their first home league game of the season, when they take on fellow relegated side Limerick FC at the Carlisle Grounds. Continue reading “Bray unveil ‘Access Is For All’ initiative ahead of home opener”

Difficult opening night for Hendo and his side as delay hurts their preparation

Little did Cobh Ramblers know that when they left Cobh on Friday that it would take 5 and a half hours, when it’s normally a 3 hour drive, for them to get to United Park in Drogheda. Their hired bus amazingly broke down on four separate occasions, three on the way up and once on the way home. Continue reading “Difficult opening night for Hendo and his side as delay hurts their preparation”

The Dermot Keely Column

A few days after the Best League in the World kicked off, I have to say first what a great feeling it was to be alive to watch a League of Ireland match on TV. The match itself and the coverage of it was top class, so too the amount of time given the game and League of Ireland in general. Continue reading “The Dermot Keely Column”

Conan Byrne ‘aiming for promotion’ with Shelbourne as the First Division kicks off

At the end of last season St Patrick’s Athletic winger Conan Byrne (pictured above with Ian Morris and Oscar Brennan) was forced to make the decision to leave the club he had served with distinction for 6 seasons. Continue reading “Conan Byrne ‘aiming for promotion’ with Shelbourne as the First Division kicks off”