Football is your friend

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

We often see the footballing world as this fantasy world, one that most of us can escape to when our own everyday lives are getting on top of us. It gives our minds a release from the pressures of our own struggles. Yes, it can cause heartbreak, yes it can cause tears to flow, but it never lets you down in a way that it can’t be forgiven. Those magical moments it creates cancel out any bad feelings you had from the previous match. As I have recently learned from my previous interviews in my pieces on ‘Forgotten Clubs’, you don’t need to be winning or to be successful to enjoy football. And that to me is the greatest part of it. Continue reading “Football is your friend”

Cabinteely’s Keeley speaks about his battle with depression

Conor Keeley Cabinteely Keeley in action against Bluebell in the FAI Cup

By Gerard Mulreaney

They say ‘your health is your wealth’, but most importantly for many sportsmen and women it’s your mental health that is your wealth. Continue reading “Cabinteely’s Keeley speaks about his battle with depression”

Galway United’s Stephen Folan talks about his battle with depression 

By Gerard Mulreaney

According to research recently published by RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), one in five young Irish adults aged 19-24 and one in 6 young people aged 11-13 were experiencing mental disorder at the time they took part in two HRB-funded studies on mental disorders among Irish youth. The research also found that experiencing mental ill-health in early life places young people at increased risk of further episodes of mental ill-health during their adult years. Continue reading “Galway United’s Stephen Folan talks about his battle with depression “