All-Ireland League? Yes or No?

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

I’ve seen and read a lot of articles recently about how we could promote the League of Ireland and how we can attract more people to games and take them away from their arm chairs from watching football on their TV screens. Continue reading “All-Ireland League? Yes or No?”

Forgotten Clubs – Cork Hibernians

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

Nothing lasts forever, and sometimes that includes a football club. Unfortunately, over the many years that football has been played on this island, 39 clubs have fallen to this fate (some have been connected in some way or another). The cruel realties of financial restraint, lack of facilities or even in some cases lack of support have resulted in our league only having twenty football clubs currently playing in the Premier and First Division respectfully. Continue reading “Forgotten Clubs – Cork Hibernians”

The Dermot Keely Column

First of all I’d like to apologise to all the holiday-makers who came into Keely’s Bar in Lanzarote to watch the recent League of Ireland matches which we are usually in a position to stream. Unfortunately due to an “upgrading” of  the site these matches were not available. Continue reading “The Dermot Keely Column”

Grassroots Solutions

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

A lot has been made of Declan Rice’s decision to declare for the English national team despite playing for the Irish national team from an under-age level all the way up to senior level. There have been various points debated here including the fact that once a player plays a match, even if it’s a competitive one or not and at senior level, should they be allowed to change allegiance. That is an article that can be written on it’s own, but instead I’m going to look a little deeper than that, and the root of the problem which lies in the lack of investment and infrastructure in our own grassroots game. Continue reading “Grassroots Solutions”

CEO of publishing house apologises for gaffe in league magazine

By Gerard Mulreaney (@gerardmulreaney)

The CEO of one of Ireland’s leading media houses IFP Media, Rebecca Markey has apologised to fans of the GreatestLeagueInTheWorld after a major gaffe appeared in the Irish Daily Mail’s 2019 SSE Airtricity League preview on Friday. Continue reading “CEO of publishing house apologises for gaffe in league magazine”

Why City Success Can Be A Good Thing For Irish Football

By Philip O’Rourke (@effect_phil)

It may seem strange to say that another club from another country could influence our league but let me explain how it could be a good thing. Continue reading “Why City Success Can Be A Good Thing For Irish Football”

It’s up to us, the fans, to improve the #Greatestleagueintheworld

Fans at Turners Cross Cork City FC
Turner’s Cross

By Aaron Cawley (@TheMoanyOne)

I recently read an article by Cork City fan David Kent on the website about the League of Ireland and how, in Europe clubs are punching above their weight when it comes to European competition. Continue reading “It’s up to us, the fans, to improve the #Greatestleagueintheworld”